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Slipslide 2 - 0.67

An exciting puzzle game with twenty five unique levels and an epic storyline.

The sequel to a game I did a year or so ago, Slipslide 2 is a simple puzzle game where the goal in each level is to get to the exit by sliding between obstacles. When you start moving in a certain direction, you can't stop or change direction until you hit an obstacle or a wall. And to add to the difficulty, some levels have holes in the ground which make you restart the level if you fall into them. There will be twenty-five different levels, all linked by a story that sees the main character trying to get to an ice-dancing competition in Antarctica. As well as this, there will be a level editor included that lets you easily create your own game levels.


New character sprite

The green sphere is finally gone! I've finished making a proper character sprite at last, you can see it in the massive screenshot below.

Character animation system

I managed (after much fiddling) to get an animation system working that loads frames from a filmstrip-style image and switches between them at certain points.

Slipinator - the level editor

I've got an almost fully function level editor working as well now, the two screenshots at the bottom of the new image illustrate its capabilities. It allows the user to make complex level layouts in literally a few clicks, and levels can be saved and loaded with ease.


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Slipslide 2 0.6 — 22 Jan, 2008

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