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A Python Game by Pete Shinners
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      (version 1.4)

    Things Start Reasonably

    You will be Challenged

    Powerup and Help

    Looking Impressive

    Old Version 1.3

    Old Version 1.0

    Pygame Powered SolarWolf is an action/arcade game written in Python. It is free and open source, created with the Pygame game development library.


    Windows Installer solarwolf-1.5.exe (3 mb)
    Linux Installer (5 mb)
    Max OSX Image solarwolf-1.5.dmg (4 mb)
    BeOS Package (3 mb)

    Full Source
    solarwolf-1.5.tar.gz (2 mb)

    The full source version will run on the following platforms, with Pygame-1.5.6 or higher.
  • Windows
  • Mac OSX
  • BeOS
  • Linux
  • IRIX
  • BSD
  • Solaris





    Most of Solarwolf's graphics were created by Eero Tamminen using free tools like
    Povray Raytracer and other unix commandline tools. He has released the set of graphics as a make project which can render and process the data. Best of all you can easily modify and experiment with the graphics used for SolarWolf.

  • solarwolf-gfx-src-1.5.tar.gz

  • spikeball


    SolarWolf is originally based of one of my childhood favorites, SolarFox on the Atari 2600. The point of the game is to scramble through 60 levels collecting space boxes. Each level gets is harder than the previous. Obstacles like bullets, mines, and asteroids cover your every move. Beat the Skip timer and grab the powerups for your only chance. Solarwolf runs on nearly every platform. Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, BeOS, and a large variety of Unix platforms.



    Pygame is the library used to create SolarWolf. It allows you to create games with Python, but still working with the lower levels of game development.

    Python is a powerful yet simple programming language. It strikes a rare balance of being excellent for beginners and experts.

    SDL is the Simple Directmedia Layer. SDL is like a DirectX library that runs on almost every computer platform available.