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Animation Maker - 1.4

Not exactly a standalone project. The work is an external interface to create sprite animation in another game (Historical Wargame). May create a standalone repo later when it is more finished.

Animation sprite maker interface. The sprite is position-based of an individual skeleton body part and the interface will export the body part position list, not the sprite image itself. Source code is in the file:


Change person system to accept more than 2 and the helper ui to be switchable between different person (Now default at 4). Increase number of effect and special parts that can be put in frame. Also sample armour, copy/paste frame, special parts, and colourise effect from previous updates.


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Animation Maker 0.1 — 4 Oct, 2021

Animation Maker 0.5 — 25 Oct, 2021

Animation Maker 1.0 — 13 Jan, 2022

Animation Maker 1.4 — 13 May, 2022 account Comments