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Waldi Tile Engine

The Waldi Tile Engine is a object-oriented framework for writing rectangular-tile-based games using Python and PyGame.

Friedrich Weber
With the Waldi Tile Engine you can create tile-based games, but it is also a simple game-framework. It is object-oriented, well-documented (i hope), and simple. Waldi supports multiple layers via FastRenderGroup, big tiles, Particle effects are planned. The data is stored in human-readable XML Files, a simple map editor using pgu is included. Currently it's only available via SVN, but a alpha release is coming soon. On the SVN you can find a few examples, too.



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Waldi Tile Engine 0.2 — 21 Oct, 2007 account Comments

  • Guest 2012-06-26 20:09

    You probably need to update your FastRenderGroup library.  This is an external problem and nothing to do with Waldi.  Perhaps the LayeredUpdates was implemented layer in FRG and you have an older version?  Try updating.