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Lode Runner '07 - 1.0

A fun remake of the classic game.

Mike Doty
Lode Runner '07 offers 20 exciting levels of tried and true gameplay. Collect all of the gold in each level while avoiding the bad guys!

You can also create and share your own levels with the level editor. LR '07 support gamepads and joysticks and offers customizeable controls as well. Can you get past the Terrible Tower? (Requires pyopengl in addition to pygame.)

Bonus level packs (see included README file for information on how to use them):

LR07 Level Pack 1 (5 levels): (May 18, 2007)


Note: Newer change notices will appear higher on this list.

- A new (and probably final this time) release for both versions (updated links) with improved controls (for maneuvering each level) and a couple of other minor fixes. (May 18, 2007)

- Both download links updated with a new version that fixes 2 small level errors and adds a difficulty setting option to make the game easier for novices. (May 17, 2007)

- Updated source download with small fix; if you experience occasional slowdowns, this should help. (May 12, 2007)

- Added Windows binary download. (May 11, 2007)


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