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Parcassonne - v0.9.3s

Carcassonne clone written in python 3

Carcassonne is classic board game. Parcassonne is Carcassonne clone written in python 3. This app(parcassonne) base on pycassonne 0.9.1. Parcassonne try to enhance AI, but it still very weak. So I suggest to 1 human vs 4 computer players. Pycassonne URL below:


Fix AI.


Home Page


Parcassonne v0.9.3s — 18 Jan, 2019

Parcassonne v0.9.2c — 14 Jan, 2019

Parcassonne v0.9.4k — 21 Jan, 2019

Parcassonne v0.9.5k — 28 Jan, 2019

Parcassonne v0.9.6h — 1 Feb, 2019 account Comments

  • p.k.meng 2019-02-03 02:17:15.329824 is in Chinese and launching gives error: $ python pygame 1.9.4 Hello from the pygame community. Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 90, in gameBoard.draw() File "/home/mray/Games/parcassonne/", line 138, in draw self.cardDeck.draw() File "/home/mray/Games/parcassonne/", line 471, in draw screen.blit(Player.write(str(len(, CardDeck.font_size, CardDeck.font_color), (self.left + (self.width - CardDeck.font_size) // 2, + (self.height - CardDeck.font_size) // 2)) TypeError: unbound method write() must be called with Player instance as first argument (got str instance instead) How do I run it?

    nakayama 2019-02-03 04:12:06.646151

    Try v0.9.6i with python 3.7.1 below:
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