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Graphical Hangman - updated

This is a graphical hangman game I'm building to get used to PyGame and to become a better coder.

GRAPHICAL HANGMAN v1 9 - 17 - 2018 UPDATE: I won't be updating this so if someone wants to have at it and make it their own they are more than welcome. It isn't set up for any kind of packaging at all and I assume that if someone wants to play it they'll install python and pygame and use these resources to run it themselves. I'm just not advanced enough to package a game myself yet. This game is a simple Hangman game made with Python, the pygame library, and a few free tools for making art and sound. For the art I mostly used Piskel which is an easy way to make pixel art for sprites. For the sound I used a mixture of bfxr and Bosca Ceoil, both of which are free and easy to use. Notes on tinkering with my code: It's way overly complicated and someone willing to take the time and just refactor it would have a neat little something on their hands, although it might just be easier to make one from scratch. I simply did not use good coding practices in most of this code, but it works and that might be useful to someone. Enjoy! MANDATORY DISCLAIMER: This is just a game of hangman. It is not controversial. If anyone finds it controversial please let me know and I will immediately take it down. It seemed like a cool first thing to code to completion with pygame.


I had originally intended the in-game hang-sprite to be bright orange. Unfortunately that turned out to be a less neutral color than I thought and so I have changed it to a blue-green which is my favorite color. Remember that the goal of the game is to SAVE the poor sprite from being hanged and that this game was never meant to offend anybody. If anybody is offended by it please let me know and I will immediately remove it. My repository was cloned by one person before I could make this change, but I have urged them to make it as well. I do not condone racism or discrimination of ANY kind against ANYONE and this is meant to be an inclusive and friendly game. Additionally I have also included an earlier non-graphical version of the game and an acknowledgements file that gives props to some YouTube channels I found helpful while learning how to use pygame and python. Thank you, and enjoy! I won't be updating this any further so it's open to anyone who wants to improve it. I felt I had to publish this change in case anyone got the wrong idea.


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