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Flowchart Python - 1.1

Create flowcharts and compile them to python byte-code.

J. D. Bartlett
Flowchart Python is essentially the Python programming language in visual form. You write a program by setting up a flowchart. When you run the flowchart, the software compiles to python byte-code, so that you can easily import modules you write in Flowchart Python into standard Python programs. Flowchart Python does make a few additions to standard Python, which will be outlined on the home page eventually.


Changes in this version:
  • update to work with the latest Python 2 library code
  • used Python’s traceback module to display tracebacks rather than a home-rolled version
  • fixed a spurious traceback
  • fixed issues revealed by pyflakes (e.g. useless imports and assignments)
  • changed the code to use Unix line endings
  • removed trailing whitespace from source code
  • added, etc.
  • called pygame.display.quit() before pygame.quit() to give the illusion of snappiness on exit


Home Page


Flowchart Python 1.0 — 3 Jan, 2007

Flowchart Python 1.1 — 25 Apr, 2012 account Comments