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HUD Light - 2.0.0

A fully featured yet easy-to-use, customizable HUD to display all your stuffs. Delicate yet bold. Lovely yet rugged. Cool and refreshing with a warm finish. A balance of sweet and sour, with a heady fragrance.

The quickest HUD in town. Put things in the HUD. Update the things with the efficient updater. Render the HUD on any surface. Have more than one HUD. Change the effects on the fly. Pure huddy hudness. * Release 2.1.0 added support for DR0ID's tweening module, offering variety in shading patterns. * Release 2.0.0 added gradient font coloring via PixelArray. No numpy required. This was an experiment. It turned out pretty well.


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HUD Light 2.1.0 — 25 Apr, 2017

HUD Light 2.0.0 — 19 Apr, 2017

HUD Light 1.0.0 — 25 Apr, 2017 account Comments

  • Felipe Figueroa 2017-04-21 10:52:20.623612

    Necesito que alguien me informe como debo hacer el path para que Python reconozca la existencia de Pygame y por supuesto los archivos o módulos SDL que se requieren para hacer programas. Gracias [email protected]