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ImageCache - 1.0.0

An in-memory cache and a database cache.

Got too many transformations on the fly, and they are eating up your CPU? Put them in a memory cache, with aging and memory tracking/limiting.

Got more images than time? Put them in a sqlite database.

A handy way to:

  • manage memory used by images
  • reuse expensive translations and composites
  • save and load an entire cache for reuse

Check out a real use-case: VROOM41, updated after Pyweek 19 closed. The game does many real-time transformations. Those who judged the competition may remember how sluggish it was toward the end. The cache helps quite a lot. Use the download repo link (39 MB) and look in the pyweek-19 directory.



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ImageCache 1.0.0 — 15 Feb, 2015 account Comments