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Shattered - 0.1

An RPG and map making toolkit

Shattered RPG
The Game - Currently in demo mode.
The concept is you have "focuses". These let you channel the energy of four different types of shards, using them up in the process. This allows you to unleash magical attacks to take down foes. The story, in development, is one dealing with the gods. You are a minor god who destroyed a god from a higher pantheon. For this you are banished. The story is your attempt to reascend to heaven. Meanwhile, on Earth, your godly strength dwindles so you need to learn more magic to compensate.

If you're on windows, simply download the "Shattered-exe" on the website, unzip, and double click run to give it a try! The code is also available, but may or may not match the executable.

The Map Maker - Currently in beta
A tool to help design the maps in my game. Also available to be used by whomever with a relatively small learning curve.

More screen shots and details on the website.



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Shattered 0.1 — 6 May, 2012 account Comments

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    Very cool! Much better than anything i could do!

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