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GalGen Trader 2 - 2.1

A 2d Elite-esque game intended to eventually have easy expansion support, ala Transcendence.

S Chilcote
Trade, fight, adventure! GalGen Trader 2 is a zequel to an abandoned project of mine. You fly around in your little yellow spaceship, fighting off pirates and shuttling goods from areas of low to high demand. Or, you can colonize planets and start your own empire. Or, you can be a miner, or a pirate yourself. The game is far from finished, and as of yet all you can do is trade goods to and from high and low Tlevels. I suppose it's playable, but just barely, and it's far from fun just quite yet. Select stars using the mouse and press enter to fly to them. Everything else is currently text-based, and should be self-explanatory.


A milestone release. Rewrote/refactored most of the game's code. From an external standpoint, this release represents a step back in the game's development, since some features were not replaced, but this refactoring of the game's code into a more readable and modifiable state will enable the addition of more content and features in the future.


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GalGen Trader 2 2.0 — 23 Mar, 2012

GalGen Trader 2 2.1 — 17 May, 2012 account Comments

  • Cody Kelly 2012-10-03 00:28:10

    Hey dude, just wanted to say this looks like a really good start of a game. I hope to see more updates!