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BlackWings - 0.2.5

BlackWings is a Framework intended to make graphical applications easier to be developed.

Victor Vicente de Carvalho
The framework consists in an Scenario mananer, a la PythonCard(wxWindows), a event manager, an widget system and more small controls to make an graphical application easy to be developed even for the ones who don't have much experience with pygame.


This release consists in many many many improvements to the widget system. Whith the addition of properties, the widgets can easily moved,resized and have its layer altered. The button was completely rewrited, now with captions and more control over it. The scenario manager now can bind events directly from the resource file, this means that only the events you wan't your widget will get. The Memo widget was rewritted too, and the creation of a TextBuffer, making the text independent of the memo itself, making the possibility of implementation of themes on the next releases. The vertical scrollbar is fixed too, and on the release the horizontal bar will be rocking! Please send to me any improvements or critics, they are very welcome.


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BlackWings 0.2.1 — 14 Mar, 2006

BlackWings 0.2 — 3 Mar, 2006

BlackWings 0.2.5 — 5 May, 2006 account Comments