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PyCanvasServer - ALPHA

Serve up a Python game with your own server! (ALPHA)

Fred 151
PYCANVASSERVE Open-Source Python Game Server for HTML Canvas HYPER-BETA VERSION - NOT WORTH IT TO MODIFY This program is a Python server that allows people to play games through a Web browser. It uses CherryPy and the HTML Canvas, and uses some integration with PyGame. HOW TO RUN Run the file Open a canvas-compatible browser (IE users must update to IE9) Go to URL: http://localhost:8080 Click unpause (Does not support multiple games at once yet) [WARNING: In IDLE, you MUST use CTRL+C to end server before starting up again. If you messed up, you must manually close pythonw.exe (Task Manager->Processes->scroll to pythonw.exe and hit delete - this will also close IDLE)] HOW IT WORKS CherryPy creates a web server on port 8080. It sends the file index.html upon the request (when you enter the url http://localhost:8080) index.html uses a XMLHttpRequest to ask the server for instructions. The server processes MyGame's commands and turns them into a special format. The client receives the commands in the special format and converts them to JavaScript calls, which write to the canvas.



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PyCanvasServer ALPHA — 21 May, 2011 account Comments

  • Asher Wolfstein 2017-06-27 16:36

    0 down vote It requires a bit of reprogramming, but i made a pygame library "port" to the browser/nodewebkit using Brython and GameJS. You can program using a version of pygame and python 3 in the browser. You can check it out at