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Nein - pyweek

Nein is a sandbox game submitted in PyWeek 12. It is a team project between bitcraft and serioussam24.

Leif Theden
Nein is a 2D physics sandbox based around animal cruelty. Specifically, animal cruelty towards a cat. Originally, it was titled "Nine Lives" but that seemed a little on the nose so it was changed to "Nein Lives" and then ultimately shortened to just "Nein".

Ideally, there would be multiple levels, more objects, and perhaps a level editor of some sort. However, hopefully while you're beating your cat to death with "Ol' Slugger" or shaking it until it explodes, you'll be able to see the potential.

The idea would be that there are 9 quick levels, and you help the mice destroy the evil nazi cat. We had a lot of fun ideas, and its kinda sad to not see them realized for the finish. We're sure many of the other entrants feel the same way.

The engine was developed from scratch using Box2D for the simulation. The was our first attempt at using a physics simulation engine. While it took a long time, we are pretty satisfied with the results.

So play around. Toss the cat, drop another cat onto it, beat em both with the trampoline, whatever your heart desires. Because after all, if you've got a cat, that's one too many.

This was developed with Python 2.6, PyGame 1.9, and Box2D 2.02b2.

PyBox2D can be found here:

all sound effects were created with

all music comes from great album "Ergo Phizmiz: Music From The Shoes of Fulcanelli" by Ergo Phizmiz. Here is a link to the album.

Nein is a team project between bitcraft and serioussam24.



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