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Power Defender - 1.0

Defend the nuclear power plant from enemy troops. And save the country. FPS role playing game

Vamsi Krishna.V
Developed for PyWeek Game Designing Contest by V.vamsi krishna and Kedar Nath, This is an 3D FPS(first person shooter) game written using pygame and pyOpenGL. You are supposed to protect the power plant from the enemy troops. Feature List
1)Completely distructable 3D environment (shoot the trees, enemies your own power plant)
2)Two different Gun Types
3)Pick up ammo as you move
4)MiniMap that shows' your location and the enemy's location.
5)Skill changes with time. Simple shoot em' up kinda game. Every mission is the same, with different starting points.



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Power Defender 1.0 — 18 Dec, 2005 account Comments