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localiz - 1.2

localiz est un simple outil 'drag&drop' vous permettant de placer une surface sur le display afin de faciliter la mise en page de vos projets.

josmiley / Luke spywoker
Localiz is a simple 'drag & drop' tool which allows you to place a 'surface' on the display to help to manage the layout of your projects. (surface, pos = None, sub = None, nfile = None): return (x, y) 'pos' is a relative position in sub(subsurface) if it is defined, otherwise it is an absolute position in the display. 'sub' subsurface of display 'nfile', if defined, is the name of the destination file, calls to will be substituted by the coordinates that have been validated. -move the surface such an icon using the mouse -hit esc to show/remove the frame -hit return to complete and confirm. see


il est à présent possible de valider les coordonnées en dur dans le fichier courant ou dans un nouveau fichier. ainsi:screen.blit(img,,nfile=''))deviendra:screen.blit(img,(20,50))


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