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Quido: Failed Experiment - 1.1

This was TeamXerian's entry in pyweek 2005.

Simon Wittber
The Diary of Quido van Killnhurtz.

Dear diary,

It's been the darkest and coldest months of my life, trapped like a madman in my ageing weather-eaten fortress. My castle now merely serves me as my sanctuary, for I have seen the gates of hell and the wretched beasts that lurke within.

Once I had believed I was close to unlocking the secret of true immortality. As my experiments became ever more successfull there became no limit to my inhumanity. I see now I was merely intoxicated on my own drive to obtain a never-ending power, a power which no mortal should ever be burdened with.

In the end, the darkness consumed me. Through my failed experiment I had become the righteous mortal that created hell's own army. I had become the devil.

I fear hell's minions are now roaming our world, so much so that I have completed my final creation, it will be the last time I shall ever play the hand of God. At last, Xeria is born. Through focussing Earth's magnetic power I shall once again play the hand of God and control the seas, clouds and gravity to destroy the vast hoardes of my own abominations.

My time is almost over, perhaps what last shred of humanity I have will help those who cannot protect themselves..



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