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Project Graff - 0.0.7

It's a Roguelike, done up in python with pygame, currently in "really early" state of development.

David Hahn
Note: currently this runs off pygame 1.8.1.
What you need to do to run the thing:
Go to source link, get the files, and run it. You need numpy, python, and pygame--no py2exe yet for windows, sorry. Numpad moves you, bump into things to initiate combat, Scroll Lock takes pictures. See the readme for more.

What it is:
It's a Roguelike in Python. For now you can call it Project Graff. For short, you can call it PyRL if you want, although Graff is probably easier. And I think PyRL is taken by some other project, but when I made the blog's title I did not know that.

Put simply, it's my attempt at a Roguelike in python with pygame, which started as a project to help me learn python. I'm planning on deviating quite a bit from the roguelike formula later on, but for now I'm concentrating on making the standard-fare roguelike; I'll branch out later when I have the important stuff in.

Stuff to know:
Home page has more info..
Readme has more info.
Comments? Make 'em here or on the blog, I'll see them either way. Blog comments show up in my inbox though--odds are I'll see those a bit quicker if you really need to talk to me.


Added in a custom building to the town
There is a healing item in the center of that building
Combat formulas have been changed and somewhat randomized
Entity definitions have been reworked into a separate file and streamlined
Monster statistics have been reworked to adjust by level
Multiple monsters have been added
â??Some creatures are slower and hit harder, etc
Turn system is now in place to give creatures different speeds
Stairs take you to and from the caves
â??Topleft of the town is the entry point to the caves
â??Bottomright of the caves is the exit point
The town is now persistent until the game quits; caves are still random
Health and mana are now displayed on the GUI
â??Health changes to red as you lose it; mana currently does nothing
File structure has been cleaned up: all code files now reside in the â??codeâ? folder
Graffâ??s display icon is the gelatinous cube until something more appropriate is found


Home Page


Project Graff 0.0.6B — 13 Jul, 2009

Project Graff 0.0.7 — 2 Aug, 2009

Project Graff 0.0.8 — 12 Sep, 2009

Project Graff 0.0.8B — 10 Oct, 2009 account Comments

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