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Sheep Snaggers - 1.01

Sinistar on the farm!

Sheep Snaggers is a fast action-based shoot-em-up loosely based on the Williams arcade classic Sinistar. I started development after a request on the YakYak gaming forum for submissions for a disk of member-developed games for the annual Retrovision event. The game is written in Python, using Pygame and the OpenGL based Rabbyt sprite library for enhanced performance. In keeping with the Llamasoft inspired theme, the action has been relocated from deep space to a field of merrily frolicking sheepies. Unfortunately for our wooly friends, an evil band of maurauding aliens are hell-bent on kidnapping them to build their deadly MarkieStar - a space station of devastating power...


Finally got around to building a Mac version of this.
As with Markie's Revenge, the only testing was to see if it runs. Let me know about any problems.
Next job is to clean up the source folder and package up a source release - I'll get around to that eventually...


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Sheep Snaggers 1.0 — 9 Feb, 2009

Sheep Snaggers 1.01 — 9 Mar, 2010 account Comments