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Tygame - GUI Project

Tygame - GUI Project - alpha 1.0.2

Eric Z (sodacookie)



The library contains several kinds of comparable widgets that are found or not found within the tkinter library (i.e. Entries, Labels). Here is a list of the widgets implemented thus far: Frame, StaticFrame, Entry, Button, DropFrame, Label, HoverFrame, Table (in sublibrary extension). Tygame adds one other class: TypableSurface: a surface that takes a text and parses the string into lines to display a large amount of words which would otherwise be cumbersome with pygame's font library. More widgets, optimizations, information, documentations to come. Please if you find a bug which is not listed on this page write it so it can be fixed in the future.



Bug Fixes

- Fixed a bug where you can click widgets behind other ones
- Fixed a bug where some rendering was a little buggy
- Fixed a bug where typing in one Entry wrote in a different one


- Added a Counter Widget (still under development)


- Dragging a Frame type will create transparency
- Added keyword alpha to Frame types to control dragging transparency
- Added XFrame which is a closable type of Frame
- Added get_front_obj function to find the front most Frame type


- A few more objects are placed


- Highlighting, pasting and copying in entries
- Scrollbars
- Thinking about dividing extension module into extension and message
- Adding more documentation


Home Page:


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Tygame - GUI Project - alpha 1.0.2 - Nov 27, 2011
Tygame - GUI Project - alpha 1.0.1 - Nov 14, 2011
Tygame - GUI Project - alpha 1.0.0 - Nov 11, 2011 account Comments

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