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Thera - 1pre2

Richard Gonzalez (richardgnw)



Thera is a bullet hell computer game. A video of the episode three boss battle for Thera version 1pre7 can be found here [].

Thera depends on both python 2.x and the associated pygame.

Thera is licensed under the simplified bsd license.

To play Thera, download either the zip archive or tarball, uncompress, and execute the thera.pyw script.

Now for Thera's controls...

Menu Controls

UP_ARROW / DOWN_ARROW: Move selection (either up or down).

RIGHT_ARROW / LEFT_ARROW: Used to modify options on the option menu. Also used on title menu for modifying starting episode for `Start From Episode' entry.

ENTER: Select selection.

Gameplay Controls

ARROWS: Move Miyu (main character of Thera).

z key: Make Miyu (main character of Thera) attack. Hold key for a continuous attack.

x key: Make Miyu (main character of Thera) perform a special attack if able.

p key: Brings up the pause menu.

Dialog Controls


p key: Brings up the pause menu.

Episode Start Screen Controls


p key: Brings up the pause menu.

Credits Phase Controls

p key: Brings up the pause menu.


Home Page:


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Thera - 1pre10 - May 28, 2012
Thera - 1pre9 - Dec 31, 2011
Thera - 1pre8 - Nov 28, 2011
Thera - 1pre7 - Oct 14, 2011
Thera - 1pre6 - Aug 24, 2011
Thera - 1pre5 - Jul 4, 2011
Thera - 1pre4 - Jun 7, 2011
Thera - 1pre3 - May 1, 2011
Thera - 1pre2 - Apr 6, 2011
Thera - 1pre1 - Mar 25, 2011
Thera - 1pre0 - Mar 21, 2011 account Comments

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October 31, 2011 10:01pm - Zachariah Callaway - nickname: (xzcallaway)
A .deb package of Thera is available for download at
September 2, 2011 11:00am - Leif Theden - nickname: (bitcraft)
nice work man. i think that its got a really good start, and with a bit of polish, it could be pretty slick. i like the fact that its got all original elements from you instead of ripped art and music. i didn't make it to the boss because it was pretty hard even on beginner, and after a couple minutes, it was pretty repetitive. It looks like you've got a decent way to do dialogs and things, which is awesome. keep it up!
March 26, 2011 5:59am - Johannes Charra - nickname: (jcharra) - 4/5
Well done. My left hand hurts from shooting ... always a sign of quality for a shooter. ;)
March 25, 2011 3:19pm - Richard Gonzalez - nickname: (richardgnw)
There is a difficulty setting in the options menu in version 1pre1, so if one feels that the game is too difficult, the difficulty can be adjusted. However, this difficulty setting just modifies Miyu's max hp and the rate at which hp and power is regained.

As for the cannot shoot while moving diagonally error, I have not encountered this, but I suspect it is an issue with the KEYDOWN events not making it to the program.
March 23, 2011 5:35pm - Hayden Dennison - nickname: (hidas) - 4/5
Very nice bullet hell!

I see you haven't solved that problem of not being able to shoot whilst going diagonally up and to the left, or down and to the right. I still haven't been able to fix that in my own shmup.

I also like how the little grim reaper bullets go in a random direction, instead of just straight up.

I will be looking forward to future releases! :)
March 23, 2011 12:08am - Ian Mallett - nickname: (geometrian)
A classic PyGame. Well done!

I did find the boss rather too difficult. So, I tripled the protagonist's rate of fire, and quintupled her power. The result: I found this much easier. I'm also impressed the game maintained a decent framerate despite the extra work.

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