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Smartsweeper - beta

Nolan Baker (nbaker)



Using a neural network, the agent learns rules for playing minesweeper over the course of several games.

The purple and yellow overlays indicate the agent's guess for where mines are. Purple indicates that the agent thinks it's a mine. Yellow (which really only shows up as light brown or light green) indicates that the agent thinks that there is no mine. Opacity indicates uncertainty. The more opaque a color is, the less certain the agent is about making a move. Conversely, transparency indicates certainty; however, it's unlikely that you won't be able to see any color overlay at all since there is always uncertainty.

h - switch to human mode and play to your hearts content
r - let the robot do the playing
left click - clears a space (and space around if the number clicked equals the number of adjacent flags)
right click - flag or unflag a square
Tap 'g' (for goggles) to cycle between tiles by themselves, tiles with the color overlay, or the color overlay only.


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