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Map Editor - 0.1.1

Artur Artamonov (freeartman)



This is simple map editor for small games. Also I think it will be useful for other people who started writing game and made first maps for testing.


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Map Editor - 0.1.2 - Aug 3, 2010
Map Editor - 0.1.1 - Apr 13, 2009 account Comments

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April 14, 2009 6:00am - Artur Artamonov - nickname: (freeartman)
Time delay added
April 13, 2009 9:11pm - Jordan Trudgett - nickname: (tgfcoder)
Fair enough! Would be a good time saver for quick game projects :) You might want to fix up the CPU greediness by adding a time delay (say 30 ms) each game loop.
April 13, 2009 12:51pm - Artur Artamonov - nickname: (freeartman)
you can change file map standart by rewriting and MapFormat.load().
April 13, 2009 8:43am - Jordan Trudgett - nickname: (tgfcoder) - 2/5
Not a bad program, except that it maxes out the processor. How would I use this program to create and test maps for a game that uses its own map standard? Or what is the intended use of the program, to begin with?

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