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Customer Service ROBOT!

Customer Service ROBOT! - post-pyweek

James Paige (jamespaige)



You are Customer Service ROBOT!, a sophisticated machine designed to answer technical support & service phone calls from humans, and to provide them with EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE! You also happen to be 50 feet tall, with a claw on one hand and a drill on the other, and capable of shooting deadly laser beams from your eyes.


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Customer Service ROBOT! - post-pyweek - Apr 21, 2008 account Comments

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April 29, 2008 7:16pm - James Paige - nickname: (jamespaige)
Yes, I do plan to keep working on this. The eye lasers are supposed to burn trees and damage buildings, we just haven't finished that part yet. Also if you open the editor (press the ~ key) you will see ImageAssets for airplanes and cars.

Oh, by the way, the city isn't just very large, it is infinite! (although I'm sure it will run out of memory if you keep walking in one direction long enough)
April 28, 2008 3:32pm - Joshua Skelton - nickname: (joshua) - 4/5
Pretty interesting idea you have here. It has a King of Monsters meets Crazy Taxi feel. I love smashing buildings to rubble (especially the customer I just serviced!), which seem to be in great supply as the city is fairly large.

I think the eye-laser is cool, but does it do anything? I was hoping it would be a rechargeable super-attack or something along those lines.

As this was a PyWeek entry, do you plan to keep working on this?

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