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He Robot

You've to shoot to humans just for money

Customer Service ROBOT!

Provide excellent customer service through SMASHING!


My PyWeek6 entry, based on the topic of "robots"

some robot building game

robot areana 3 build and battle


Juego, para hacer competir las IA, de los jugadores, basado originalmente en PyWars intenta llegar a ser algo similar a lo que es hoy en dia robotcode pero por el momento un avance..


Language-agnostic framework to run battles of robots

Robot Glacier Fortress

A retro 2D puzzle-platformer featuring a narwalrus with a grappling hook. Maneuver through and manipulate entire levels as you please.


2d platformer game about a robot.

Run and jump to collect coins and shoot your way through mobs and blue barrier doors. Avoid getting hit by spikes, lasers, or mobs and find your way to the white exit.


Create your REAL robot in a weekend, and control it from a web interface.