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University of Python

University of python is place for learning and practicing python and pygame programming skill.

The Cabbages

A topdown action/adventure rpg in the nostalgic spirit of the 80's.


An Action RPG in depvelopment


Jelly is a simple exploration game where you have to kill the jelly monsters to prevent them from multiplying too much.


Ransack - a Python based roguelike

Udebs - Python general discrete battle system

Udebs aims to be a multipurpose discrete battle system engine for use primarily in rpg's, but easily extensible to any discrete system.


A basic dungeon crawler.


IsoCraft is isometric sandbox game.

Island Generator

A random Island generator that could be used to generate 'Island' shaped worlds for 2D games.

Mechanical Failure

Search a dangerous city to try and find the thief who stole your wallet.


game experiment and library

(early) Isometric RPG

Early stages isometric RPG.


A building/adventuring/fighting game


An RPG and map making toolkit


LOF - python+pygame RPG game.

RPG engine

2D rpg

A Lode Runner Story

A remake of the original classic combined with popular RPG elements (such as quests, skills, items) and based heavily on player choice.

Top Down Map Demo

A simple demonstration of a sprite moving around a map. Includes *very* simple graphical map editor.

Dark Gates

RPG game inspired by "Death Maze/ Labirynt Smierci"


An ORPG engine based on Mirage Source. It is written in Python, PyGame and Twisted.


An RPG Game similar to Legend of Zelda done in python and pygame.


Slay monsters, cast spells and collect keys to escape an 8-level dungeon in this turn-based dungeon crawler.

Rogue Colors

This is a roguelike I was starting to build and it turned more into an engine. It is meant to be very basic on graphics.


(stands for "SuperMarioGlitchy RPG") A fangame for YouTuber supermarioglitchy4 being developed by Mister Epic, with assistance from Horatio Studios & Glitchy Boy Productions. It's your typical Mairo-esque plot: Bowser has kidnapped the princess and it's up to Mario and close accomplice SMG4 to rescue her.......or is it???

bearly dancing

A music adventure game in which a bear is in search of their lunch.

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