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A small linear adventure with rpg elements and unique abilities. The game rely on luck as a base mechanic but it's super short so it doesn't feel as unfair as you might think for you or your AI opponents.

Fortuna is a small-linear-turn based-rpg game with a unique twist. you can start with three player classes all with there unique abilities, and you must defeat the 8 knights of the arcana in your quest for revenge. the main mechanic of the game is called "Twist of Fate", where every character alter their abilities depending on their luck. there are four sacred items hidden in the game that will give you significant advantage but obtaining them isn't easy or straightforward. May Fortuna smiles on you. Download the rar file and follow the instruction to play (windows 64 bit only).



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Fortuna 1.01 — 7 Sep, 2018 account Comments