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O² Space Salvage

A game about cleaning up space, in Space...

O² Space Salvage is a game about running out of space… in Space. It is set in the far future where you have to clean up space junk in order for space freighters to deliver supplies to different parts of the galaxy. You can clean up the junk in many different ways. You can shoot it, suck it, or push it. The goal is to try to clear the path for the freighter before it goes through its course. But beware, sentry bots can damage your ship and even destroy it before you are able to clear the path... This game is a Submission for Ludum Dare 42. It was initially released on August 12, 2018.



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O² Space Salvage Post-Mortem Update 1 — 1 Nov, 2018

O² Space Salvage Post-Mortem Update 3 — 16 Dec, 2018

O² Space Salvage Post-Mortem Update 2 — 22 Nov, 2018 account Comments