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Don't Take my Stuff!

A game about a hoarder who needs to clean up his house.

Don't Take my Stuff! is a game about a hoarder who needs your help to clean up his house. He has to move out in a couple of hours but he has to clear out all of his junk. Using only trash bags and a cart, help him clean out all of the junk in his house before the time runs out. Decide on whether to keep things that are sentimental and meaningful to you, or to part ways with those items. This game is a submission for Ludum Dare 43, if you feel like it, play it leave a rating on it's Ludum Dare entry page, I'd really appreciate it. This game was initially released on December 2, 2018.



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Don't Take my Stuff! 1.0 — 3 Dec, 2018 account Comments