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A program to view some information according to a keyword from a url.


A pygame powered python artwork application which produces images with user defined mathematical functions.

Genetic Algorithm Photo Survival

Genetic Algorithm Photo Survival


A binary powers of 2 clock. Simple yet cool.

pygame-blender converter

A script for encorporating Blender created graphics in Pygame applications.

Command Line Navigation (CLN)

A fairly meaningless cli-clone program loading custom functions from a xml-file.


A program to view the song that is currently on air at Radio KLF.


An OpenStreetMap Visualization Toolkit for Python

Time Line Maker

This script lets you ealsy make timelines and save them as images

Layer Profiler

The Layer Profiler is an interface to profile a running program in real time, and browse and compare profile data later.


2D rect pattern generator


A simple paint program.


2D "universe" simulation, namely Conway's Game of Life and derivatives of it.


A little tool that is useful to encrypt / decrypt messages using the "Alberti cipher disk"

Ultimate Avalanche 2.0

It's raining icicles again!

Prodigy Hangman 1.0


Prodigy Calculator

A Simple Calculator With All The Standard Functions And An Easy GUI (Graphical User Interface)

Prodigy Game Engine

A 2D Game Engine Made On Top Of Pygame. Very Easy To Use And Good For Making RPGS And Arcade games.

Prodigy Notepad

A GUI Text Editor Written Using PyGTK.

Prodigy Processor Piano

Processor Piano Is A Useful And Fun Utility For Producing Sounds Using Your PC's Internal Sound Chip Without Speakers

Billiards Tournament Simulation

Pure python implementation of a billiard tournament simulation.


A free, cross-platform emulator for the GW-BASIC family of interpreters.

Money Management

This is a simple application for managing how much money you have.


Simple sheep counting application.

Border Pattern

This code generates a border for a standard letter size document. I only coded one pattern. The pattern was obtained from "The Border Workbook." The pattern is coded is the ninja star. The PIL library is imported for this code.

Flowchart Python

Create flowcharts and compile them to python byte-code.

pyBCD Binary Clock Screensaver

A python/pygame BCD binary clock screensaver. The mother of all awesome.

Colors: A color library for Pygame

A color library for pygame that features 91 different colors.

Map Editor

A user-friendly method of making 3D texture-mapped maps.

PyTuner: A Guitar Tuner In Pygame

A Guitar Tuner that I wrote in python and pygame. Tested with 2.7 and 3.2, works for both.

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