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2D rect pattern generator

Ondra Musil
Squarea is a rect pattern generator. Just play with the variables in '' and see the different results. Hopefully I'll make a simple GUI some day. Read the 'README' for usage instructions.



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squarea 0.1 — 29 May, 2010 account Comments

  • Anupaakitu 2011-06-25 16:40

    Interesting program, but file-saving doesn't work on all OSes with a colon as a time-separation character in the filename (e.g. "2011-06-25_11:33:57.png").  I tried changing it to "." and it worked fine (e.g. "2011-06-25_11.33.57.png").

    Perhaps you could add a section in for the user to select his/her own filename conventions, checking against illegal characters in all filesystems.

  • Brandon Michael Zimmerman 2016-04-03 18:06

    Does the source still exist?