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2D "universe" simulation, namely Conway's Game of Life and derivatives of it.

Julie Marchant
This is a program I created over a weekend. The core of the coding took about 3 hours, with the rest of my time on this project spent making optimizations and adding small things.

UniSim currently only simulates Conway's Game of Life and derivatives of it. However, I am open to suggestions for more "universe" types, as long as they are 2D.

I have two separate versions for UniSim: a Python 2.4 version and a Python 3.0 version. The Py2.4 version optionally supports Psyco, which speeds up the program a lot, making larger "universes" more practical.

There are also Windows and Linux binaries which are made with the Py2.4 version using Python 2.6 (for Windows) and Python 2.7 (for Linux). The Windows binary includes Psyco, but the Linux binary doesn't, since I have not yet been able to successfully install Psyco on Linux.

Here is a full list of downloads:

Python 2.4 source:

Python 3.0 source:

Windows x86 binary:

Linux i686 binary:



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