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TextWidget - 0.11

TextWidget - A simple text class for PyGame

Mark Mruss
TextWidget: is a simple way to create "text buttons" for your PyGame applications. The project is LGPL so you can use it in any project that you want. It's pretty simple stuff so it's not meant to be the definitive way to do this, just a simple solution for people that just want to drop a class in and have working "text buttons". You can read about how to use the widget on on my blog:


  • Added the example code
  • Changed the way that the font_filename was handled, now the full path is tested first
  • Added the message types
  • Added the ability to turn the messages off
  • renamed the .py file to be instead of to conform with PEP 8.
  • Fixed a bug where pygame.locals.USEREVENT was not defined for some people. Switched to used pygame.USEREVNT.


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TextWidget 0.1 — 21 Sep, 2008

TextWidget 0.11 — 21 Nov, 2008 account Comments