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Class demo

A simple example for those who can't understand class objects

Orbit test

a gravity/orbit sim


pong game. serves mostly as a demo for testing my stdtools library


An example of dots orbiting around stuff.


Hey everyone! This is my first pygame/python project and I had a lot of fun making this game!


Time independent circle/line collision detection. Currently broken...

A Rainy Day intro

A small intro for my more serious projects.

pygame,draw 1.0.0

Most new users to any system need some comprehensive working examples of certain functions. At least I know I did. Here is my contribution to the pygame gene pool with some pygame.draw examples.


TextWidget - A simple text class for PyGame

Bouncy Ball tank

Balls bouncing in a fishtank.

An attempt at 3D

My attempt at 3D in PyGame, without using OpenGL. Formerly '3D spinning cube test'.

Rhodium Snake

A simple snake game with joystick compatability.

Super Mario Python Beta

Super mario bros Python Beta Version This game is similar to the original Super Mario Bros on the NES console.


basic implimentation of goap planning.

Theseus V1.0

A maze generation algorithm demonstration.

Level Editor

This is a level editor for my up-coming platforming game.

PyGame + TKinter Demo

Type text in the tk window and the pygame window will execute it.

Cubic Bézier curves demo

An attempt at implementing cubic Bézier curves in Pygame.

Joystick demo

An easy way to test out your joystick in PyGame.

Text Boy

Text-based adventure, made in a way that's easy to edit yourself.

Platforming Block

Platforming Block is a simple yet challenging 2D platformer powered by the Ragnarok Engine.

Star Rhodium

Shoot them up in this high-flying adventure through space!


A particle effects library for Pygame

Game programming with python

How to create games with python programming language


Plays the colored bunchie animation with the music title "Brazilian Flower" by "Jean-Jacques Perrey" infinitely.


An RPG and map making toolkit


Control BIT. Switch between white and black. Each has a different attack. The goal is currently to destroy enemies to raise your score.


Mutable World Demo for Gummworld2 v0.4.4 and above


Soon to be a physics sandbox