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Python Text Editor

A text editor in python.


tank battle.

The House 2

A direct sequel to "The House", now you must get out of the ghost town that the house is in.


A pygame addon for display text over surface with many dimension bounds.

Pygame Forms

A small python module I hacked together whilst working on a school assignment.


TextWidget - A simple text class for PyGame

Simple Text

Caches text rendering for you. Simple to use.


This opensource project is designed to help text programmers make high-quality apps.

Text Boy

Text-based adventure, made in a way that's easy to edit yourself.


a class that allows you to edit text
it manages mouse insertion and some controls keys.


This module provides a very simple to use game engine and various stuffs to make a simple GUI for pygame.

Rock Paper Scissors v2.0

A simple Rock Paper Scissors game. - One of my first codes.


Reader" allows you to render text and scroll it by using mouse wheel or arrow keys.


Txtlib is a useful library to print text on the screen. It support basic text formatting. Just set area, text and format options!!!

Terralien (demo)

Text adventure. Develop your character, solve mysteries and puzzles and battle to the truth.


Pygame typesetting library


Pyork (pronouned "pie-orc") is, essentially, a text-based adventure game likened to Zork.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Just a simple "Rock, Paper, Scissors" game.


While trying to run a game you found on the web, you accidentally triggered a transdimensional portal that takes you through time, space, passing galaxies that existed a long time ago very far away, into a bubble dimension. Now you are stuck in this place called Starheaven, and have to find your way in using all of your abilities (and the mouse, don't forget the mouse!). However, in your voyages you will find all sorts of dangers, from the creatures and monsters that roam the land, to something even more dangerous, losing your essence to this new and fantastic world. Are you willing to take the chance, and go beyond the safe walls of Starheaven traveler?

Count_down maker

A simple class to make a count down or count up for your game. The class doc string gives all the details


PyHiero is a library that helps use the Hiero Bitmap Font generator ( with the Pygame font engine. Simply generate your bitmap font file, load it into PyHiero and draw the Hiero fonts like you would draw a regular Pygame font!


TextLib v0.1

Squish the Bugs

Squish all of the bugs. Couldn't be simpler, right?

A simple countdown / countup for games written in Python/Pygame.

You can use this as a countdown or a timer in your games

Text Editing Input IME example

Why is TEXTINPUT needed when we have KEYDOWN events? It's because one key press doesn't always match up to one character generated. Sometimes several characters can be generated. This is why the old KEYDOWN events are not sometimes enough.

Fooliery basic journal/diary

just a text editor that saves when you exit as the date and time

Glittering Light

Glittering Light is a casual turn-based maze game. The goal is to get as far as possible, collecting glitter for score along the way, and avoiding the nightmares.

Tomb of the Snake

Tomb of the Snake is a coffeebreak roguelike for the Linux console.


Library that provides stuff for textbox-like gui gizmos

Pygame Text Input

A small module that enables you to input text with your keyboard using pygame