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Fractal Fr0st - 0.3

Fractal Fr0st is an application to view and modify fractal flames in realtime, as they are being rendered on screen.

Vitor Bosshard
Fr0st allows you to visualize the results of an iterated funcion system as it is rendered. This is a very early version of it, with lots of planned funcionality missing. The only controls so far are moving the mouse to change the location of the active transform and the left and right keys to switch between transforms. It's hard to explain in non-technical terms, just try it out. If you know how to use Apophysis, you can let your own flame be rendered by Frost.


-About 50% improvement in rendering speed. Among other
optimizations coloring is now handled differently, so each
pixel maxes out at its fully saturated color, not white. The
stylistic implications of this are subjective, so the faster
method was kept.

-fixed several bugs related to rounding errors.

-abstracted away a lot of implementation details, to make
scripting easier. This is still a work in progress, nothing
is set in stone yet.

-fleshed out documentation for scripting.

-released several new scripts:
    -various scripts which create procedural animations
    -the renderer, which outputs high quality frames (see
the sample animation included with the release)


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Fractal Fr0st 0.3 — 6 Aug, 2008

Fractal Fr0st 0.1 — 2 Jul, 2008

Fractal Fr0st 0.2 — 12 Jul, 2008

Fractal Fr0st 0.4 — 21 Dec, 2008 account Comments