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Lands of Elderlore

A graphical roguelike in a random yet persistent medieval world.

Fractal Fr0st

Fractal Fr0st is an application to view and modify fractal flames in realtime, as they are being rendered on screen.

Tiny Fractals

A tiny iterated function system, generates a Sierpinski Gasket.


Simple fractal using native python's complex numbers and Pygame


Refline is a software for creating and editing clean fractal images.


City like images created by automated growth.

Chaos Game Fractal Generator

Create fractals using the chaos game method.

Flower Fractal L System

A fractal image of a flower computed using a simple L System.

Chaos-game Sierpinski triangle

A little thing I made that generates a Sierpinski triangle using chaos game rules.

Snot II: The Rubberland [Android]

Android port of my old hardcore puzzle platformer, written in Python/PyGame/PGS4A. Now with 15 levels and a lot of new cool stuff. Really playable. Really hard. Really free.

Flake Generator

Generates a n-flake fractal image