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Cheese Boys - 0.2.0

An arcade game played in kind of (humor), post-apocalyptic world. You are the only one that can slay a band of five that now rule the world. You must move in a small town, facing enemies in combat to reach the truth hidden behind the Cheese Boys origin... and your past.

Luca Fabbri

In a sort of silly post-apocalyptic world, in early 21 century, the major part of the planet is enslaved under the rule of a mysterious group of five obscure entities that held some sort of magic power and lead the human kind to a slave state and a dark medieval age.

They are know as Cheese Boys.

Your adventure start in the year 12 of the Cheese Boys Era, exactly 12 year after the Cheese War. Those powerful beings wins this conflict again the world's countries army, thanks to the Disease that they spread over men. This magic illness slowly transforms the greater part of humans in a kind of mindless barbarian warriors under the Cheese Boys control.
After all those year of war the old know world, with its countries and organizations, is only a far memory of an happy past.

But there is one, lonely, population on the entire planet that seems immune to the Disease, and live free in a region where the Cheese Boys minions can't enter.

What dark secrets are hidden behind the Cheese Boys? How they obtain those evil powers? Can the human kind be freed?

Demo level


To install requirement released on the cheeseshop just use the easy_install command.
See my personal page about distutils for more infos.


As the project comment are not so friendly (I get no notification of new comments and so I look if some pygamers write something only in the days after a new release), I create a blog of the project itself

I hope I'll see you there!


For whatever reason: lucafbb AT gmail com

Subversion repository

You can access to latest software version from the Git repository.

Wanna help?

Help is always wanted!


  • Use F1 to enable/disable fullscreen during the game.
  • Move the hero with mouse left button. Keep pressed and the hero will follow the cursor.
  • Right click on an enemy to begin a hunt of him: the hero will begin following and attack him.
  • Use the X button to attack without hunt down the enemy or if you don't want that the hero move toward him, or to stop the scrolling of the level when walking near the borders.
  • CRTL key stop the time, giving you time to send orders to Boscolo.
  • Use the SHIFT key to enter in stealth mode.
  • Use the Z key to perform a withdraw (for now isn't helping a lot). The withdraw is done in a direction opposite to mouse pointer position!
  • Use the space key to exit from text displayed during the gameplay.
  • During presentation you can control the animation speed using LEFT/RIGHT ARROWS.
  • With 0 key you can shout something (not useful for now).


Additional screenshot
Current game's menu
Additional screenshot
You know you can shout?
Additional screenshot
D'oh! The Boss killed me!
Additional screenshot
Show me My Path!

This is a non-release.

In the 0.1.1 version I say that this release would give us the first real level and game start point. After thinking about it I arrived to the conclusion that is impossible for me to obtain "The South Bridge" level without developing more (or better: is impossible to draw it and make it playable as I thinked it in my sick head!)

So this release is again a dummy-intro level game but I finally added more important features for the engine. Now I'm able to realize the real first level of the game!

The first new feature is the ability to enter in the stealth mode. The chance of success is low for now, and the algorithm is not perfect, but it's working. You can sneak behind enemies without beeing seen, and strike them for a lot of damages!

Now physical objects are handled in a better way. In the demo level now you will find a couple of creates. Those obstacles will block the sight of the character (and enemies too). You can't see enemies, and the enemy AI will be influenced by the fact that you are no more in sight.

But the most important feature (that also steal me a lot of developing time) is the pathfinding support! No more stupid enemies that will be blocked by physical obstacles even if they can see you!
The pathfinding is not really perfect, but quite playable, and the game is become a little harder right now.

Now the bad news: the game now is a little unstable... let's say more unstable than before. I have many little things to fix, but nothing completly blocker for continuing the main game development!

Here follow a complete list of new features:

  • BBB - Change the way I handle character footstep time: removed the addDistanceWalked method (pixel based).
    Now is used the new _updateStepTime (time based). This fix an ugly effect on very slow characters.
  • TODO - Stealth mode added!
    Also added some new vector's features to the Vector2 class.
  • Healt level now influence the general character speed. More damages lead to a slower movement.
  • Added dependency from the KezMenu Python Library, instead of releasing this with the game itself.
  • Added dependency to the KTextSurfaceWriter Python Library, instead of releasing this with the game itself.
  • Now the CTRL key stop the time passing. Always.
    You can so seek and hunt down for an enemy.
  • SHIFT key handle stealth, and X key block the hunt and the movement during attack.
  • Fixed the Z (retreat) action.
  • Characters can't see through all the physical sprites.
  • Raindrops now can end inside the game screen.
  • Pathfinding!
  • Some memoize tuning, to speed up a little the FPS of the game.


Next release will be 0.3.0. No, or little, new feature but only some real playable game levels. This time really! :-)
Next version will be release ASAP.


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