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BloodCurse - git-20090710

A 2D computer role-playing game in the early stages of development.

axed code
BloodCurse is a free fantasy role-playing game written in Python using the Pygame library, similar to old console RPG's but with newer graphics and audio. For the latest information, visit our website at


- Greatly reduced memory and map loading time.
- Terrain types are now layered by precedence.
- Added curve terrain transitions for much better-looking maps.
- Speed up terrain transition drawing.
- Removed buggy placeholder menu.
- Fixed a memory leak when game is restarted or when any map is loaded.
- Player can no longer run (temporary for getting rid of a related bug).
- Major speed optimizations to map drawing.
- New terrain type added: dirt
- Replaced fullscreen toggling with a better builtin pygame function.
- Merged the "unwalkable" and "regions" layers into a single "data" layer. Should decrease initial map load.
- Fixed the damn camera scrolling finally.
- Many bug fixes and cleanup as usual.


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BloodCurse git — 11 Jun, 2009

BloodCurse git — 27 Jun, 2009

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