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BloodCurse - git

A 2D computer role-playing game in the early stages of development.

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BloodCurse is a free fantasy role-playing game written in Python using the Pygame library, similar to old console RPG's but with newer graphics and audio. For the latest information, visit our website at


Well Brian Moriya has quit the team due poisoning. I have not heard from him in a couple months. Once again I am alone on this project, but that isn't stopping me. Many additions since my last release here:

- Map now read from an INI file instead of a flat file
- Added a basic state machine and a menu.
- Character now knows what type of terrain he is on (for determining monsters for battle).
- Hidden regions within a map - for hiding boss and other battle locations.
- Fixed bug 356538. Player now stops triggering move events when obstacled. (no more walking in place).
- Made transition tiles transparent in order to greatly reduce needed bitmaps.
- Fixed map scrolling bug causing the foreground to be 1 frame ahead of the rest of the game.
- Started working on monsters and equipment. Not implemented graphically yet.
- Completely rewritten map system.
- Cleanups, bug fixes, more efficient imports and better structured game now runs faster, less buggy, and easier to maintain.

This project has been moved to GitHub. Please visit:


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BloodCurse git — 11 Jun, 2009

BloodCurse git — 27 Jun, 2009

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