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BloodCurse - git

A 2D computer role-playing game in the early stages of development.

axed code
BloodCurse is a free fantasy role-playing game written in Python using the Pygame library, similar to old console RPG's but with newer graphics and audio. For the latest information, visit our website at


Brian is now back to coding. Updates should start to move faster now. We need your help, too (see bottom). Since the last release:

- Optimized map
- Fixes to terrain and region detection
- More acurate collision detection.
- New detailed sprite for main character.
- Started working on adding subsurfaces, so that more than just the game world can be shown on the screen at the same time.
- Map is now scrolled to show the player when loading maps bigger than the screen size.
- The direction the main character faces when the map is now loaded from each map's config.

If anyone can help, we really need someone familiar with integrating transition tiles into the game using this method: Combining the logic into the existing code seems challenging. Any pointers would be very helpful.


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