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Lands of Elderlore - 0.0.9

A graphical roguelike in a random yet persistent medieval world.

Emmanuel Dempuré
Elderlore is a graphical roguelike in a random yet persistent medieval world. It will rely mostly on fractal landscapes and procedural cities and dungeons.
  • Web page is in french right now, and game is both in french and english.
  • Game is in early dev stage, needing pygame, ocempgui, and Numeric modules.


At last, here is a new release of Lands of Elderlore. This release is still a view-only release, since you can wander in the fractal worlds it generates, but rest of the game is not implemented yet. Here is the changelog. Have fun ! New functunalities :
  • New fonts are used
  • There is now a message when you destroy an object
  • Roads and rivers take the shortest way if possible on Zone view
  • Forests are populated with the cave generation algorithm
  • Tempered forests have now some dead trees
  • Deserts have now cactus and dead trees
  • New roads and rivers on World view
  • New introduction music theme "Jester's tear"
  • Some animals have been added on the Zone view with the file animaux.csv (but they do nothing)
  • Objects are now handled with the file inventaire.csv
  • New mouse shape when over player
  • New isometric display on Zone view :
  • TAB key makes you turn yourself anti clockwise
  • Sift + TAB makes you turn yourself clockwise
  • < key switches between Zone view and World view
  • CTRL + g displays two different kind of grid on the Zone view (thank you Anvilfolk !)
  • A cardinal point have been added in the upper left corner
Bugs erased :
  • In some rare case, no starting village was found
  • In some case, desert was overflowing the ground
  • Graphical resolutions are now dynamically available
  • CPU use has been severely reduced
  • New Windows binary file with OcempGui files (thank you Sean !)


Home Page


Lands of Elderlore 0.0.1 — 30 Aug, 2006

Lands of Elderlore 0.0.7 — 19 Feb, 2007

Lands of Elderlore 0.0.8 — 2 Apr, 2007

Lands of Elderlore 0.0.5 — 4 Jan, 2007

Lands of Elderlore 0.0.3 — 17 Dec, 2006

Lands of Elderlore 0.0.2 — 9 Dec, 2006

Lands of Elderlore 0.0.6 — 8 Jan, 2007

Lands of Elderlore 0.0.4 — 21 Dec, 2006

Lands of Elderlore 0.0.9 — 31 Jul, 2007 account Comments

  • Benjamin 2012-08-23 00:56

    I cannot figure out how to do anything. Also, I was wondering if the towns should have people in them. I think there might be a glitch here.

  • Ronald S. McKnight 2017-12-20 13:48

    This is one of the best rogue like game I've ever played. I love RPG games. They require a lot of skills but site can help you to deal with this problems!