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Lands of Elderlore

A graphical roguelike in a random yet persistent medieval world.

Cellular Automata

Basic demo of John Conway's Game of Life


Plague is a real-time top down â??rogue-likeâ? arena shooter pitting humans against the zombie horde, inspired by the games Syndicate, XCOM and Gauntlet.

Currently under development, Plague already features procedural level generation, cellular automata modeling for physical effects, a 2D physics engine, AI and line of sight vision for every â??sentientâ? game entity, multiple weapons and a whole heap more, all running in real-time.

Game of Life (Juego de la Vida)

Game of Life es un simulador de automata celular

Cellular Automata

Basic recreation of Conway's Game of Life


A Conway Game of Life implementation that I've tried to turn into a strategy game.


Wireworld Cellular Automata Implementation