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KiruruRus - 0.4.1a

A simple shmup with hand drawn graphics and multiple weapons to use.

A pretty early release of a game I've been wanting to work on (I've always wanted to make a shmup). When it's completed it'll have 100% hand drawn graphics, but for now it's still borrowing a few bits and pieces from a scrapped earlier project.

Give me some suggestions or even point me to some other shmups for some inspiration.


Completely changes the level creation system which will result in slower development time, but infinitely better enemy patterns.

Graphics are now semi-color (most enemy sprites were simply upscaled, so I'll rescan them for higher detail soon).

A lot of things in here are for testing purposes (it'll be rather obvious about halfway through the game), but it's still playable and gives a good taste of what'll be should I ever finish it.

Loads of bugs should be fixed, but tell me if there are any problems remaining. List everything you hate about the game and little features you'd like added and I'll see what I can do.


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KiruruRus 0.4 — 19 Nov, 2009

KiruruRus 0.1 — 29 Oct, 2009

KiruruRus 0.4.1a — 29 Jan, 2010

KiruruRus 0.1.1 — 30 Oct, 2009 account Comments