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KiruruRus - 0.4

A simple shmup with hand drawn graphics and multiple weapons to use.

A pretty early release of a game I've been wanting to work on (I've always wanted to make a shmup). When it's completed it'll have 100% hand drawn graphics, but for now it's still borrowing a few bits and pieces from a scrapped earlier project.

Give me some suggestions or even point me to some other shmups for some inspiration.


-Added new, crazy bullet patterns
-Using a new system of creating/loading levels and enemies
-Added some boss music (ripped straight out of Dodonpachi but I'll make my own... someday)
-The game will crash after you kill the snail thing; not really a "bug" since it's just looking for the next non-existent level. Ignore it.
-Now featuring lame backgrounds!


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KiruruRus 0.4 — 19 Nov, 2009

KiruruRus 0.1 — 29 Oct, 2009

KiruruRus 0.4.1a — 29 Jan, 2010

KiruruRus 0.1.1 — 30 Oct, 2009 account Comments