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A retro style arcade SHMUP

Mobius Skies

A horizontal shooter.


A vertical space shooter with vector graphics.


A hectic 2D top-view space shooter with randomly generated levels.

Nega Dodger

Step 1: Dodge Blocks Step 2: Get powerups Step 3: ?????? Step 4: PROFIT!

Micro Shooter

A basic little shoot-em up.


A simple shmup with hand drawn graphics and multiple weapons to use.


just another shooter

Beta Gunner Warcry

Second attempt at a 2-week shmup. Tanks in space stations.

Sky Eraser

Fast-paced caravan shmup written in Pygame -- erase the sky!

Shmup & Build

** Observe ** - dont download this in hope of playing a finished game, it is still very early in development.

Build Cannons, Generators and Barracks on the big station. Control and level up your smaller guardian ship flying at the front.


2d topdown SHMUP


A simple space shooter.

Spess shooter

Python bullet hell shooter.

Trouble In CloudLand

A 2D arena style shoot-em-up developed for the Shmup-Dev.Com AutoFire 2007 competition.

Flying Pika Shooter

A basic Infinite Shoot-Em-Up Shooter using Pokemon sprites I found.

Oneiric Battle!

First, thanks for noticing me! "Oneiric Battle!" is a very simple game which only uses the pygame library.


A meditative experience on the persuit of temperance, balance, equilibrium. Temper (in both its and forms) is being developed in the Python programming language, using the PyGame library. is the more minimal, ethereal experience. is the more game-like of the two (includes stats display for the user). If you plan to run either of the .py files, you must have downloaded the SourceCodPro-Regular.ttf font, and installed Python 3.x and PyGame. Do not be overly righteous, Nor be overly wise: Why should you destroy yourself? Do not be overly wicked, Nor be foolish: Why should you die before your time? Ecclesiastes 7:16-17 - KJV

Meteor Rush

A bullet-hell shoot-em-up with boss fights!