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gsoc2009readinglist — wiki

General resources, useful for all projects

Making C extensions for python.

extending python:

c-api reference:

here's a video about making python C extensions:

A short guide for Hacking pygame: Hacking pygame guide


It would be good for you to write a test or two to get familiar with the pygame testing framework.

Look at:  python --help

Writing tests as you go is a great thing to do... and will keep you sane :)  It makes it way easier to get your code tested on multiple platforms - and it helps other people to help you debug problems.

Some threading docs:

pygame threading doc:

this paper I wrote a couple of years ago does give an overview of python threading type stuff, but is a bit long:

Pygame has some bits of code for making process control and threads nicer to use in some ways. For threads there is pygame.threads.tmap and a basic worker pool.

There's also asynchronous subprocess extensions - so you can do things like timeout processes on windows (and other platforms). This would be good for controlling ffmpeg (or ffplay/mplayer).

Movie project specific resources.

ffmpeg docs/tutorials.

a tutorial for using ffmpeg with SDL:

an old ffmpeg tutorial, but has links to new ones:

Here's a couple of good general video resources.

The lurkers guide to video is good:

this is a good introduction to video stuff:

Some python ffmpeg wrappers...


ffmpeg API changed, so they just included ffmpeg; but then the project died, I think, because of that.


Camera project specific resources.

Apple QuickTime Documentation:

Example Application:

Font project specific resources.