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2d sidescroller

Bare bone sidescroller. Plan on making a sidescroller MMOrpg.


vizier: a package for managing sprites and the screen, provides scrolling, scaling, and collision response. xrects: a package for polygons. uses the pygame rect as the axis aligned bounding box (AABB), and subclasses the rect to add the polygon object and methods for collision detection.


2d game world and sprite management library

Sprite Movement Towards a Target

An example of sprite movement towards a x,y coordinate


Click'n'Drag is a hierarchical surface framework for PyGame.


Programa que genera sencillas animaciones.


A simple gaming library add-on for pygame


planes is a hierarchical surface framework for Pygame, formerly called clickndrag.


pyBta is my personal playground, where I learn to program small applications and mini games, so own and quite traditional. PyBta not a tool to use and is, rather, a library that allows me to explore and poke about things I do not understand and I want to learn. So not intended as a competitor to other existing libraries but a contribution from someone who simply wants to deliver his idea. pyBta es mi patio de recreo personal, donde aprendo a programar pequeñas aplicaciones y mini juegos, de manera propia y bastante artesanal. PyBta no es una herramienta al uso y es, más bien, una biblioteca que me permite explorar y curiosear sobre las cosas que no entiendo y me apetece aprender. Por eso no pretende ser un competidor para otras bibliotecas existentes pero si un aporte de alguien que simplemente quiere dar a luz su idea.


Small program that creates animations from images given.

Squish the Bugs

Squish all of the bugs. Couldn't be simpler, right?

Sprite Captor

a sprites extraction tool