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old school space shooter

Space Game (untitled)

Alpha Version


My little game :D


An endless space shooting game with a high score. 

Destroy the blue ships for extra points.

Space Attack

A copy of space invaders. Also my first game made so far.

Space Domination

Space Domination will be a cross-platform top-down scrolling spaceship shooter/adventure game.

Space Fighto!

Two player, 2d vector space fighting game

python: PULSAR

Third place in pyweek May 2012 ( group category. Our game based around the 'Mad Science' theme and our favorite mad scientist 'Nikola Tesla'. Enjoy.

Lunar Panda

Space action game featuring one brave Panda and a jetpack!


defend the earth

Python Defender 2

This game is a follow up to my original version of pythonDefender. It is another shoot em up, only I have added a lot more functionality.


A fighting game with lots of ships.


A recreate of Asteroids.

Space Ship Game 1.4

This is a quick game I made! It fun!


Shooty is a small (10-minute-play-through) arcade space shooter, with cool sound, explosions and cool graphics.

Planet Umi

The goal is to grow, develop and direct the evolution of a alien planet full of extraterrestrial beings.

Strong Jesse

Strong Jesse is a space shooter inspired by the classic arcade game asteroids.

Just Another Space Game

This is my first game in python, hope you like it

Galtron - 2D Shooter

A simple 2D shooter with room for more development.


This is my first game. It has a short but dark story line and some cut scenes between each level. there are random in level temporary powerups as well as a store "space mart" that is accessible between levels. If you best the main game you unlock survival mode and the ability to replay any level you choose

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